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    • 02.16.16 Congratulations to the UPTO/Claud Leinbach Scholarship Award winners for 2015, Toni Cloud, daughter of Lee Cloud (Little Goose) Sidra Matthias, daughter of James Matthias (Bonneville) and Whitney Anson, daughter of Patrick Anson (Chief Joseph) .
      7.19.2016 New Pay Scale has been sent out to UPTO members.
      02.16.16 Congratulations to the UPTO/Claud Leinbach Scholarship Award winners for 2015, Toni Cloud, daughter of Lee Cloud (Little Goose) Sidra Matthias, daughter of James Matthias (Bonneville) and Whitney Anson, daughter of Patrick Anson (Chief Joseph) .
      7.19.2016 New Pay Scale has been sent out to UPTO members.


      9-13-16 Scholarship Reminder

      UPTO Claud Leinbach Scholarship Program: Two $2,000 Scholarships, Requirements: High School Senior in Sept. 2016, 2.00 or Better Grade Point Average, Father, Mother, Grandparent or Guardian Must Be Member of UPTO for At Least One Year, Two Essays-One Union Related Topic and One Future Career Plans Related For Application E-mail: uptosecretary@yahoo.com

      02.25.16 Annual Training April 13, 14 and General Meeting April 15
      Location: Eugene Hilton 66 E 6th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401 Phone: (541) 342-2000
      If you are attending the UPTO Annual Training, please notify the UPTO Secretary (uptosecretary@yahoo.com) to book your room asap.

      02.16.16 Congratulations to the UPTO/Claud Leinbach Scholarship Award winners for 2015, Toni Cloud, daughter of Lee Cloud (Little Goose) Sidra Matthias, daughter of James Matthias (Bonneville) and Whitney Anson, daughter of Patrick Anson (Chief Joseph) Students were asked to write an essay about The True Heroes of America today. Nice work! Students will recieve a plaque from their local VP after the General Meeeting as well as $1000 each through their first year of school. We wish you all the best in your future education and careers. Toni's Essay. Sidra's Essay. Whitney's Essay.

      11/17/2015 Wage Survey Update
      BPA are still waiting for their survey to be complete. BOR snake river plants are still negotiating, and Wage and Salary would rather wait for them to settle than to do a interim raise as it makes it a lot more complicated. I will inform everyone as soon as our survey is complete and a new schedule is signed. Thanks - Bret

      08/26/2015 Wage Survey Update
      BPA has not settled yet, one of their survey utilities is ratifying a contract, no estimate from them on time. BOR is split, Grand Coulee has new wages but the snake plants are still negotiating, they did estimate settling this fall. I asked Wage and Salary if they would consider an interim raise, ... We are waiting for their decision on that.

      05/12/2015 Wage Survey Update
      Bonneville Power Administration implemented a 1.55% partial wage adjustment (interim wage rate) because 2 of 6 utilities surveyed had not yet established wage rates for 2015. BPA stated they will calculate the final wage adjustment and implement retroactively when BPA receives the wage rates. Bureau of Reclamation's 3 locations are still in contract negotiations. Our POC stated that Columbia Cascade (formerly Upper Columbia) and Grand Coulee contracts should be settled sometime around June 1, 2015 and the Snake River contract should be settled sometime around July 1, 2015. The POC stated this is just a rough estimate and they do not know the exact dates.

      04-14-15 New Training Documents from UPTO Annual Meeting
      DFR Training
      ULP Training
      Workers Comp Training
      Weingarten/Formal Meeting Training

      01.29.15 Congratulations to the UPTO/Claud Leinbach Scholarship Award winners for 2014, Brandon Hacker, son of Summer Dellamater (McNary) and Chance Leroue, son of Joe Leroue (Little Goose). Students were asked: “Please write an essay about the Entitlement Epidemic in America. What are the ramifications of it? Why is it a big issue in America and give examples of how it will affect you and your family? Please come up with possible solutions to the problem” Nice work guys. We wish you all the best in your future education and careers. Brandon's Essay. Chance's's Essay.

      01-28-15 This morning our revised 2014 Pay Schedule has been signed. A copy has been sent to all members USACE e-mail.

      01-27-2014 Project Reps - Book your room for the 2015 UPTO Training and General Meeting April 8,9,10. This event will be at the Red Lion Hotel at the Park, Spokane WA
      The number to call for reservations is the Front Desk at 509-326-8000, ext. 0. or Wesley Davidson , Sales Manager at 509-777-6308 When making a reservation, identify yourself as a member of the United Power Trades Organization group to get the group rate. Reservations have to be made by March 6th, 2015 to get the reduced rate.
      Red Lion Hotel at the Park

      01-20-15 2014 Pay Update
      We have received word from Wage and Salary that BPA has settled on a raise. So now we are waiting for W & S to complete the 2014 wage survey for UPTO and sign off on it. We will let you know as soon as that is done and send out the results asap.

      10-17-14 2014 Pay Update
      At this time the BOR has settled for their 2014 wages but BPA has not. Both of them need to settle before we can establish our 2014 rates and reissue a new schedule.

      The 2014 UPTO Scholarship Program is now open to Grandchildren of UPTO members.
      Must be a senior in high school and your parent, grandparent or guardian is a current UPTO member. There is a $1,000 Scholarship for each of the top two candidates. Applications must be in by December 31, 2014.
      For an Application Package,
      E-mail: uptosecretary@yahoo.com
      mail: UPTO Scholarship Committee, 262 Bigfoot Rd, Newport, WA 99156
      call: Bret Smith - 509-589-0788

      6-13-14 UPTO Election Results
      President - Jack Heffling
      Secretary - Bret Smith
      Seattle VP - Norm Roff
      Walla Walla VP - Mike Flowers
      Willamette Valley VP - Arnie White
      Lower Columbia VP - Ron Brumbaugh

      05.29.14 Pacific Northwest Regional Power Rate Schedule - here.

      05.05.14 The DOD Pacific Northwest 2014 Wage Change Survey is underway. UPTO is working with Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service to collect the wages and employee counts from BPA and BOR. At this time we are still waiting for the numbers from both agencies. Hopefully we have this data before our scheduled raise as of June 1st. If not, DCPAS may choose to use the 2013 wage survey numbers until the 2014 numbers are approved and give us backpay as of June 1st. Or if they think the other agencies are close to settling they may just wait for the 2014 survey and give us backpay as of June 1st. As soon as the numbers are calculated and approved we will send the data to the local reps. - Bret Smith

      02.04.14 The latest news on federal pay issues ... FedSmith.

      01.07.14 General Meeting and Nominating Convention
      Date and Time: 28 February 2014, 0800 am
      Location: Cousin’s Country Inn 2114 W 6th St, The Dalles, OR 97058
      Phone:(541) 298-5161
      All UPTO members in good standing are eligible to nominate candidates for UPTO offices. Eligibility for office, in accordance with the UPTO Constitution is membership in good standing for a continuous period of one (1) year immediately preceding the election. Any member in good standing may propose additional provisions or amendments to the UPTO Constitution or Bylaws. Proposals must be submitted to the UPTO Secretary, uptosecretary@yahoo.com by 24 January, 2014 so they may be published with the General Meeting agenda 30 days prior to the meeting as required by our UPTO Constitution. Proposed Constitutional amendments or additions must include the name of the person making the proposal, the number and wording of the old article in the UPTO Constitution or Bylaws, the proposed new wording of the article, and an explanation of the need for the proposed amendment or additional provision.
      If you are a Rep attending the UPTO Annual Training on Feb 26 & 27, please book your room asap. Cousin's.

      10.01.13 Good news for our projects with Salmon runs. "Chinook salmon are fast approaching the 1-million mark and will likely exceed that later this week. This is the largest return of fall Chinook since fish counting began at Bonneville dam back in 1939." For more info see Northwest River Partners.

      09.26.13 T-Shirt prices have been reduced to $6 again. Reps - contact the Treasurer for shirts. treasurer@unitedpowertrades.org

      09.24.13 UPTO is an active member of the Federal Workers Alliance thanks to our Willamette Valley VP Arnie White. Check out the web site for common Federal Union issues. Federal Workers Alliance.

      08.12.13 See the latest news on our pay issues ... "The Senate Committee on Appropriations has made the first step towards granting a 1% pay raise for federal employees in 2014. In a recent report on S. 1429, a bill which would make appropriations for the Department of Defense, the Committee recommends fully funding a 1% pay increase for civilian DoD employees. " - FedSmith.

      04.19.13 The Furlough Agreement between UPTO and NWD - here.

      02.13.13 Congradulations to the UPTO/Claud Leinbach Scholarship Award winners for 2012, Courtney Pardee from Gladstone Oregon and Nicolas Cooper from Hood River Oregon. The topic of the essay this year was the Universal Healthcare System. Great job! We wish you all the best in your future education and careers. Courtney's Essay. Nicolas's Essay.

      01.28.13 UPTO Training February 27, 28 and General Meeting March 1
      BEST WESTERN PLUS Icicle Inn 505 Highway 2 Leavenworth, WA 98826 509-548-7000
      Reps - please contact our treasurer - treasurer@unitedpowertrades.org - to book your room asap.

      08.15.12 Doc Hastings Introduces Bill (H.R. 6247) to Protect and Promote Clean, Renewable Hydropower. UPTO President Jack Heffling Testifies at Legislative Field Hearing. Click Here.

      08.08.12 Our New Collective Bargaining Agreement

      07.17.12 UPTO Executive Board Newsletter
      See the latest UPTO activities here.

      05.30.12 FASCLASS Position Descriptions
      Check out specific job descriptions on FASCLASS. Click Here.
      I suggest doing a broad search like "power plant" in your region "west", and then add words to narrow it down. Also notice the different districts all have their own PD. HEC = Portland, HGC = Walla Walla, HFC = Seattle

      03.06.12 UPTO Training April 4,5 and General Meeting April 6
      Reps - please call and book your room asap.
      Clover Island Inn Hotel - 435 Clover Island Drive, Kennewick, Washington 99336 (509) 586-0541
      This is the info on the upcoming General Meeting here.

      12.15.11 UPTO Executive Board Newsletter
      Hello UPTO Brothers and Sisters, Your Union Executive Board held a conference call on December 5th, 2011 during which it was agreed a newsletter would be mailed out to all members on a bi-monthly basis to summarize the E-Board conference calls and relate any other news of interest. See the latest UPTO activities here.

      10.31.11 CBA Final Draft
      This is the final draft of the CBA. UPTO members will be receiving a letter in the mail explaining changes, and a ballot to ratify or not. See it here.

      09.15.11 Contract Negotiations
      The FSIP has made a final ruling on articles in the Factfinders recommendations that either the Union or the Agency indicated they could not accept. That ruling can be read here.

      05.01.11 Contract Negotiations
      Mediator/Arbitrator/Factfinder Paul Stuckenschneider has provided his report to the FSIP and both parties which recommends a settlement to our new CBA. Either side may notify the FSIP and the other party of any recommendations they do not accept. This written notification must be made by May 13th. The FSIP will then make a final determination of any unresolved provisions. Factfinders Report

      03.15.11 UPTO General Meeting and Nominating Convention 2011
      Constitution and Bylaw Amendment Proposals Voting Results and Officer Nominations

      03.15.11 2010 UPTO Claud Leinbach Scholarship Award Winners
      They are Jessica Spinney, daughter of Jerold Spinney of Bonneville and Tara Bleau, daughter of James Bleau of Chief Joseph. more

      The Federal Workers Alliance
      UPTO is a member of the FWA, a coalition of twenty-two labor unions, collectively representing more than 300,000 federal workers government wide. For more information Click Here.

      The Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife News Bulletin
      An un-biased full-service website for those interested in regional salmon and steelhead recovery and other natural resource issues. Click Here


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